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"There are bees in every hive with inherent imperfections: they cannot navigate from the directions given by others. They fly off everywhere. They are always getting lost. They never gather much pollen. Yet, by an incongruous twist of fate, these bees can still dance directions to others. And so they occasionally return from their misguided wanderings with delirious gospel of what they have found. Good god, what they have found! It is the lost bee who finds new flowers."
Jack Haas
(from THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings)



One thing is for certain- this is an incredibly mysterious, complex, and profound realm within which we reside. I have attempted in my books, art, and other writings, to explain the glimpses of the multidimensional complexity which I have witnessed, though no words are adequate to describe what must be experienced first hand. As I have grown and expanded inwardly, so to the outward has mirrored this expansion. That is, the outer world has manifested itself as a great and varied theatre of individuals and experiences which belong to the inner cosmic dimension of the Self, and, more specifically, my self. I have witnessed a very well orchestrated, kaleidoscopic display of people and places, thrown out in front of me, so integrally connected to my inner life- as well as to the higher dimensional aspects of our complete interconnectedness- that I cannot help but stand in awe and wonder, and yet continue to attempt expressions of this fecund garden of spirit and soul that we grow within. It is indeed a magical universe. Far more magical, mysterious, and conscious than any linear explanation can come close to discerning. 

Reality is very different than it appears. We have been raised and educated to see only the linear, mundane drama of human existence. But life is far more expansive, complex, mysterious, and dynamic than any singular model or ideology can describe. In fact, the sublime, spiritual, etheric, and cosmic levels which permeate our material realm are so profound and actual that the material existence we lead is often but a mere shadow or effect of other realities which- though we know of them only in a clouded sense, or not at all- are in truth the functioning cosmic substratums and archetypical realms which operate this world completely. If we have not awoken to these sublime realms which are interwoven through our material realm, we are, in a sense, not awake at all: we are merely puppets in a vast, unimaginable, incredible intermingling of spiritual forces, energies, and beings.
It is almost impossible to relate these greater realities to another, as each person's awakening and experience will be completely, idiosyncratically their own. It is therefore most essential that each person remove themselves, as much as possible, from conventional thinking and paradigmatic, reactive living, and find, for themselves, their own profound, divine, unlimited existence. 

Our essential task is that we must now let go of the old energies and old ways of being, in order to integrate disparate aspects of the cosmos, and so to attain our higher, more expansive, and awakened natures.

When we arrive at the living core of stillness within, we realize that all 'outer' people, all relationships, all processes, all actions, all energies, all transmutations, and all integrations operating in, of, and as this world are but emanations of our own eternal changing and unchanging Self. And, therefore, we are inexorably intertwined and responsible for everything, for we are the living, involving, evolving all. Self is everything.

We are cosmic, interconnected, interdimensional, divine, potent, free, and mysterious beings. Believe it. It is true.

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